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Cambados shellfish harvesters Cambados shellfish harvesters. By Guimatur In 2004, in the town hall of Cambados , in Pontevedra, training courses were held in which female workers in the maritime-fishing sector (shellfish harvesters and neteiras) from the area participated. From that meeting, held in collaboration with the San Antonio de Cambados Fishermen's Guild, the Guimatur association was born , dedicated to spreading the seafaring culture and the traditional values ​​of work in this field, as well as revaluing the role of women in the world. from sea. To do this, they organize tourist routes in all seasons – except winter – which, over the years, have become increasingly popular. “In spring and autumn, mainly national schoolchildren and exchanges of French and English students come. In summer the majority are tourists, both Spanish and foreign,” explains María José Cacabelos, president of the association, which currently has 12 members.

She has been working as a professional shellfish harvester for 23 years and 7 months , although she already knew about her activity because since she was a child she accompanied her mother, also a member of the union. “When she was a teenager, she took advantage of the holidays to earn something so she could have resources during the course,” she says. Cambados shellfish harvesters Cambados shellfish harvesters. By Guimatur The tasks of the Cambados shellfish harvesters Cell Phone Number List are very varied . María José points out that about 16 days a month they work on the extraction of bivalves [mollusks with shells] “whenever the low tide comes in the morning, on weekdays.” They also clean the beaches of algae to prevent the shellfish from suffocating and dying, in addition to monitoring their shellfish banks in the summer "to prevent bathers from taking shellfish." “Apart from recognition, we gained many more rights that we did not have before the group was formed” CHARO, SHELLFISH HARVESTER IN CAMBADOS Another of its functions, perhaps less known by neophytes on the subject, is that of moving the seafood around .

We move seafood from areas where it grows little due to being dry for a long time to other areas where there is almost always a permanent sheet of water. Thus, it has more nutrients and grows faster,” specifies the shellfish harvester. And in addition, in spring and summer they also do semi-cultivation work to be able to plant the beach. Nasas Fishing pots. By Ricardo In the association there are also redeiras like Sefa, who has been working at sea for 50 years. Her work consists of “fixing the nets that come broken from the sea and also making them new,” she explains. She learned her profession with her family, because her father had her own boat and her sister, whom her aunt had previously taught, took her with them after school. Victoria also started very young in the profession. She is now retired, but she was a redeira in the afternoons “from the ages of eight to 15 and a seafood collector from the ages of 9 to 63. ” “I was a board director for 12 years.” They are among the oldest. Charo, for example, has been around for more or less the same amount of time as María José. She started in the world of seafood almost by chance, because she didn't like his previous job and she decided to change.


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